Prices to Process Fiber

Please be sure to mark individual fiber bags to ensure that your materials are kept together during processing. All prices are based upon incoming weights.

Wash Your Fiber

Regular Wash (Wool, Alpaca): $6.00/lb
Fine Fibers (Cashmere, Yak, Camel, Pygora): $6.00/lb
Bison and Qiviut: $8.00/lb

De-Hairing into Clouds

Includes 11 passes through the machine. Minimum processing weight is 1 pound. If your fibers are too short or the guard hair is too fine, this will cause poor separation of the down from the outer coat and additional runs will be needed.

$40.00/lb (using washed weight) for Cashmere, Yak, Camel, Pygora, Cashgora
$8.00/lb for additional passes through the machine

$55.00/lb (using washed weight) for Qiviut and Bison
$11.00/lb for additional passes through the machine

Pick & Card your fiber into rovings/batts. $6.00/lb

Tumble & Blow your fiber (helps to get the dirt or vegetation out of fibers). $2.00/lb

Felting your fibers….call for price quote

Blending of fiber….call for price quote

To calculate roving or batt prices = Washing + Carding Prices

Please feel free to contact us using the form below with any questions or comments about processing your fibers.

Please include the following information with your order:
Fiber Processing information:
Services Requested: Wash, Dehair, Roving, Batts, Spin, Felt, or Pindrafted
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